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The team

We are startup hustlers with the love to light weight web and mobile apps that enable you business to grow and scale without extensive cost in operations. We don't revolutionize the world, but pledging to make it a bit better.

59 Average days
to MVP
148 Years of
team experience
12 Startups

We give a hands-on experience from the first ideation pitch to the market launch. Use the outstanding advantages of operational know-how and our startup experience- and enjoy the results!

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web technologies

Web Aps

Stake on resource-saving new technologies (marketplaces, logistical platforms, blockchain apps...). We can get your greatest ideas embodied perfectly by means of Ruby on Rails, Phython, Java, and more!

Mobile Aps

The world is mobile native. We make sure your business is accessible on every mobile device in the universe.

mobile technologies

How we work

development project
development project development project development project

Project Development

Meet your deadlines!
We know how IT works and able to estimate down to the hour what does it take from 0 to 1.

It takes in average 3 months for the whole MVP cycle (CONCEPT, DESIGN, TEST, DEPLOY). We beat any market time and budget expectation.

We will go an extra mile to find suitable solution for your business case. 9 out of 10 times we find a fast and reliable digital solution that would elsewhere cost lots of money and time.


Agile Development

development team
development team development team development team

0 to 1 Mentality

Results driven development - is our motto!

With cross-market field experience and newest technology on-board, we bring immediate results at any give point of your product development.
We embrace complexity and break it down to small executable task. With long market experience behind our shoulders.

There is no difficult project for us!


How we work

development project
development lab development lab

Startup lab

We guide you throughout the whole development cycle of your product. From Ideation, Design, Development to the final launch.

Zero stress policy for the client! We provide full digital development life cycle. So, that you can focus on the core of your business!

90% of the businesses fail operationally! With many years of field practice we don't just code, but also think how the technology could solve operational issues.

We want you to grow and pledge to push every limit to reach your clients on web, mobile or the blockchain.