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I used to build apps, now I only build sustainable business

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Startup journey

I am startup hustlers with the love to light weight web and mobile apps that enable you business to grow and scale without extensive cost in operations. No longer I beliave in a quick revolutionary changes and rather focus on sustainable business ideas that perfectly align with my core values.

59 Average days
to MVP
14 Starups
but didn't exit
2 Only Startups

I always try giving hands-on experience from the first ideation pitch to the market launch. I have build several startups from the first line of code until the exit (At least with tho venturs:CleanAgents/Helpling and Hellocare/Phlegix). Have front line experinece give a great responsibility to share and help others...

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web technologies

Web Aps

Stake on resource-saving new technologies (marketplaces, logistical platforms, blockchain apps...). I can get your greatest ideas embodied perfectly by means of Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Phython, Java and more!

Mobile Aps

The world is mobile native. Make sure your business is accessible on every mobile device in the universe.

mobile technologies

How I work

development project
development project development project development project

Project Development

Meet your deadlines!
I know how IT works and able to estimate down to the hour what does it take from 0 to 1.

It takes in average 3 months for the whole MVP cycle (CONCEPT, DESIGN, TEST, DEPLOY). We beat any market time and budget expectation.

Once on the project I tend to go an extra mile to find suitable solution for the business case. 9 out of 10 times there is a fast and reliable digital solution that perfectly solves the changes.

Week Sprint

Agile Development

development team
development team development team development team

0 to 1 Mentality

Results driven development - is the motto!

With cross-market field experience and newest technology on-board, I aim bringing immediate results at any give point of your product development.
Embrace complexity and break it down to small executable task. With long market experience behind the shoulders...

There is no difficult project, executition - is what make it difficult!

Agile Development is not a methodology it's experinced aproach to solve complex issues with a calm and consequent decisionss

Week Sprint

Lightspeed Development

development project
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Week Sprint

I have been experimenting with different sprint methodologies and have twicked and optimised the one that I am very comfortable recommending. One Week Sprint.

Ownership and Accountability will define the success of your project. Engage your dev team into decision making. The velocity and speed will follow.

When we look at the object located far far away it seems they are standing still. (Sunset) In reality, the Earth is circling around the sun with a great speed of 108000 Km/h. Your development velocity might also have a massive difference in the perception from the dev team and views of the management.

One Week Sprint helps to bring synergy and understanding in the software development process.

Week Sprint

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